Full Flash Website

Full Flash website :

We can design a complete Flash-based website or even a separate (parallel) Flash version of your static website, where the design and uniformity are maintained. Such an arrangement helps you achieve both aims. Your static website works well for your Search Engine Optimization goals, while your Flash website helps you engage visitors and present your business in an innovative and clutter free manner.

Flash Header:

If you want to focus only on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and need to publish just four to five pictures or banners, we help create a simple Flash Header that remains common on the home and all the inside pages. This aids easy recall of your brand and helps strengthen your positioning.

Dynamic Flash Gallery:

As discussed earlier, if your business requires communicating regular updates through product or facility images and visuals you can opt for a Dynamic Flash Gallery. Unlike a Content Management System or manual intervention of web designers, a Dynamic Flash Gallery allows you to upload pictures directly to a particular folder on the server. Our smart algorithm does the rest. Your new images and visuals will be instantly updated among the other images in the Flash section!.